prp cream
When it comes to a face cream, patients are always looking for something safe and simple that won't irritate the skin or require a complicated process.

There is a visible trendt in skin care where products are tailored to the patient and their problems. PRP base cream is not simply tailored, it is the ultimate in personalized skin care!

Because it is the most natural and personalized skin care associated with PRP ever developed, it is perfect as a stand-alone product or after the procedure.

The patient's PRP is added to the cosmetic base cream. Manufacturing video:

PRP Serum Cream is recommended for anyone who has problems with inflammation, eczema, acne or allergies because platelets in the cells have a powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect.

Unlike conventional creams, the body's own plasma proteins act here. In addition, platelet growth factors are used, which are also found in plasma. Growth factors are important for any kind of regeneration.

Production of the PRP cream

The new PRP serum face cream is made from the patient's own blood plasma. For this purpose, it requires that patients visit a doctor's office/clinic to have their blood drawn with PRP Tubes. After the blood plasma is extracted (just like conventional autologous PRP blood processing), it is added to the PRP serum donor and mixed. The resulting PRP cream is to be used twice daily and stored in the refrigerator.

The PRP serum cream is fully compatible with your individual skin type and can now improve your skin texture. 

When it is taken out of the refrigerator and applied to the skin, the "temperature difference activates platelets with the subsequent release of growth factors and other biomolecules" according to the release.