As the years go by the skin loses elasticity, radiance and tone. It contains less and less collagen which makes it taut and wrinkles appear. One of the procedures that provides exceptional results in rejuvenation is the treatment of the patient's own pl ... もっと読む

A complex formulation based on lactoferrin, aloe and hyaluronic acid, fully consolidates the aesthetic treatment result. Lactoferrin cream intervenes in the removal of redness and skin dyschromia after aesthetic treatment. A complex of active ingredients ... もっと読む

Die Fue-Haartransplantation ist eine medizinische Methode, die aufgrund des ästhetischen Verständnisses des heutigen Menschen entwickelt wurde. Haarausfall, der durch verschiedene Faktoren wie genetische Faktoren, Medikamente, verschiedene Krankheiten, ... もっと読む