Lorsque vous êtes blessé, votre corps envoie automatiquement un signal d'aide et appelle vos plaquettes, vos globules blancs, vos globules rouges et d'autres composants de votre corps à se déplacer vers le site de la blessure. Une fois sur place, ces ... もっと読む

Do you know what unites such athletes as golfer Tiger Woods, footballers LaRon Landry and Hines Ward, sprinter Donovan Bailey, baseball players Alex Rodriguez and John Paterson, basketball player Brandon Roy and many others? All of them used PRP therapy, ... もっと読む

PRP joint therapy. Treatment with your own blood and nothing else.Recently, the use of drugs made from the patient's own blood has become quite popular in medicine in general, and in the field of traumatology and orthopedics in particular. Let's try to ... もっと読む